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I was first attracted to the beauty of wood as a young child, often seeing patterns or faces in the grain of wood. As a teenager working in an auto dealership, I began to create metal sculptures using old engine, transmission, and differential parts destined for the scrap yard. Several of these pieces were included in a group of sculptures titled "Nuclear Family" that won the Muskegon Fine Arts Guild Award in 1991. In college I discovered the sensuous sculptures of Henry Moore. After finishing my degree in Industrial Arts, I started my own business and enjoyed nearly forty years as a finish carpenter and cabinet-maker. My recent retirement has freed me to return to my childhood intrigue with wood, selecting logs that interest me based on what I imagine may be inside and then shaping them to uncover their beauty. The carpenter in me remains so that each piece can be used as furniture--tabletops, table bases, and pieces that can be fitted with drawers, doors, or shelves. Still drawn to the damaged and discarded, I invite the viewer to look beyond the imperfections and join in the imaginative process.

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